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Cabrinha FX Kite 2015

 All new Cabrinha FX Kite 2015/2016 now in stock!

he all new FX kite effortlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride to create the perfect crossover kite. The new three strut, highly responsive platform gives riders the much needed power for explosive acceleration and the perfect amount of boost for huge lofty airs. The expanded “C” shape arc allows for aggressive kiteloops with the ability to hit the zenith in time for a soft landing. Its positive and direct steering as well as its quick relaunch make it perfect for intermediate to advanced riders.

Click 'More' for A Cabrinha made video Staring Nick Jacobsen in his quirky kiteboarding short. Born in Denmark and groomed for kiting in South Africa he stays true to his crazy roots in this 13 minute film that takes you on an adventure of epic proportions. On his journey to the moon he must survive meteors and surf like a dolphin. With super human power he flies like a bird and walks sideways on walls. How cool is that?

Windsurfing at Chalkwell Beach

Chalkwell windsurfing thumb nailChalkwell beach has become the hub of most of the Windsurfing that takes place in the Southend area, as it has become the base of Essex Windsurfing Club.

Thorpe Bay Beach

Thorpe Bay Rigging lowtide shallow water thumb nailA great area for Windsurfing at Southend-on-Sea is Thorpe Bay, with plenty of room for blasting and with the added bonus of the shallow water at mid tide, this spot is hard to beat.

How to choose the right wetsuit

The right wetsuit choice can make all the difference to your riding performance. An ill fitted or a low quality wetsuit will cause you discomfort and therefore a hindrance on your riding ability.

Find out how to pick the rigth wetsuit for you.

WindSup - Back to the Old-Skool

WindSupping as we like to call it has to be on your list of next things to try.

Turn a light wind day, into a full days WindSupping and your sure to leave the water wth a smile on your face

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We have some great kit lined up for this spring / summer. For windsurfing we have a huge range of boards and sails in stock from RRD, JP, Starboard and Fanatic. Top selling sails from Ezzy, Neil Pryde, Severne, North and RRD. Plus plenty of accessories including mast, mast bases, booms, harness lines and lots more. We also have a huge stock of ex demo and used windsurfing boards and sails and if you’re looking for a new harness for windsurfing we have a massive range to choose from. With over 25 years knowledge of selling, and more importantly using the kit, we can help you find what you looking for.


We are really excited about this season. There is some great kites and boards out this year and we have cherry picked the best kites and boards for 2014. Our main brands for this year are North, Cabrinha, Naish, Slingshot and RRD for both boards and kites. North Rebels and Cabrinha Switchblades are showing signs of selling through well so far, both are superb free ride kites. If you’re on a budget we have great deals on complete kitesurf set ups and have a great range of second hand kites and boards. We also have a huge range of accessories and harnesses from Ion, Mystic, NP and lots more. Demo kites and boards are available and our very own instructor Richy is on hand to help you get on the water safely.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

This year we have some great Sup's in stock. Kit in store includes Sup's from Starboard, Naish, RRD, JP, Fanatic and Red Paddle Co. Whether you’re looking for your first board or looking to get into racing we can help you find the right board. We have been SUPing for around 5 years now and are lucky enough to get to try out lots of both solid and inflatable boards on the market. Not sure what to go for? Pop in and speak to one of our BSUP’er instructors. We also run paddle board lessons and tours around Leigh-on-Sea, the River Crouch and the River Chelmer. Join us for Paddle to the pub on Wednesday night!


With over 400 wetsuits in our store, you’re sure to find the right suit. Neoprene and neoprene accessories are a big part of our business, whether you windsurf, kitesurf, wakeboard, surf, jet ski, dinghy sail or any sport which involves getting wet we have a great range to try. With expert advise on hand to help you get the right product.

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